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About Us

Striving to raise bees in an environment that nurtures their ability to produce honey as nature intended.

Welcome to SlowGold Honey, where we do things differently. We are a family-owned small business that takes pride in our hand-crafted, 100% natural honey that is processed with care. Our honey is always carefully harvested to ensure that it retains the maximum benefits that nature provides.


We understand that the quality of our honey is only as good as the care we give to our bees. That's why we treat all of our hives with the utmost care and respect. We believe that this is not only good for the bees and the environment but also results in the most delicious and nutritious honey possible.

We are passionate about providing our community with honey that is pure, natural, and full of flavor. We use traditional, time-honored methods to ensure that our honey is of the highest quality. This means that every jar of SlowGold Honey is unique and reflects the environment and flowers where our bees have been.

We take pride in our small-batch production process, which allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality and consistency. Our honey is not mass-produced, but rather carefully crafted in small quantities to ensure that it retains its unique flavor and benefits.

At SlowGold Honey, we are committed to providing our customers with the very best honey that nature has to offer. We believe that our hand-crafted, 100% natural honey is not only delicious but also a healthier alternative to processed sugars. Try our honey today and taste the difference that comes from a family-owned small business that cares deeply about its bees, hives, and customers!

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SlowGold Honey natural bee honey on a wildflower
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